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I'm Jo. My pronouns are she/her. I'm a wife. A momma. A queer femme. A sex nerd. A Nebraskan. A purity culture survivor. A romance novel reader. A party facilitator.

And I want to help you create a life you love.

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What are your credentials?

I'm a coach currently completing an Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching. I'm also a master's level social worker who directs a non-profit that provides intervention services related to domestic and sexual violence.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

The main difference between life coaching and therapy is that life coaching is geared towards helping individuals achieve specific goals or improve specific areas of their life, while therapy is focused on addressing emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues that may be impacting an individual's overall mental health and wellbeing.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on how much change you want to create in your life! Most people spend 6 to 12 months in coaching. Align, my signature program, is 8 weeks. My general coaching package is 12 weeks.

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Women are trained to see ourselves and our sexuality as existing for the benefit and pleasure of others, so it is a radical act to claim your sexuality as for yourself and your own pleasure.


Claim your sexual power

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Who is Align for?

This program is for the woman or person socialized as a woman who

  • goes to the bathroom after sex to make themself come because it’s just too much work to get their partner to bring them to orgasm.
  • got a divorce but keeps finding the same patterns around sex playing out with their new partner.
  • feels broken because their sex drive is so much higher than their partner’s.
  • is a sexual assault survivor who knows their partner is safe but disassociates every time they try to have sex.
  • wants to want to have sex but just… doesn’t.
  • wants to raise their children without the shame around sex that they were raised with.
  • says yes to sex they don't really want to have because it’s easier that way.
  • uses sex as a reward or way to train their partner.

And if you see yourself in any of these descriptions, it’s for you.

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What does Align include?

A clear path to claiming your sexual power through value aligned sexuality with support from me every step of the way.

  • Introductory Session
  • 8 weeks of 20-minute coaching sessions + session recordings
  • Voxer/WhatsApp support from me between sessions
  • Workbook & exercises

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Let's talk. Book a free 25 minute consultation today.